Musikszene Hannover
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Klischee - Krieg in Den Städten CD Cover

Heiko Karmann Band - ausgeträumt CD Cover

Donkey Pilots - Serious Men CD Cover

Fury In The Slaughterhouse - Kick it out CD Cover

Cosmic Tribe - Gravity CD Cover

Fabricio and his famous family - Comeback Fabricio and his famous family  CD Cover

ALIEN TO THE SYSTEM - Kraftwerk ALIEN TO THE SYSTEM CD Cover Das Kraftwerk, es wird befeuert mit kreativer Härte und spielerischer Abwechslung.

THE CHAIN - Spooky Doll LIVE Spooky Doll CD Cover

Rainer Schumann - SUNSHINE, LOVE, MUSIC AND FOOTBALL Rainer Schumann CD

Giant X - I Giant X CD

Nikki Puppet - To Be Yourself Nikki Puppet CD

Wohnraumhelden - wirklich evel Wohnraumhelden CD

King Curry - Beyond Good and Evil King Curry CD

Black As Chalk - Halations Black As Chalk CD

Blanc - Tin Griots Blanc CD

Ron Paulik - Halt mich fest Ron Paulik CD

Hans-A-Plast - Same Hans-A-Plast CD

Kaltwetterfront - Inkubationszeit CD Cover

Scorpions - Tokio Tapes CD Cover

Bumbier Sampler - AllBum AllBum CD 01. Hore - Devil in my dreams 02. Wohnraumhelden - Perle der Natur 03. Transmitter - Kick And Rush 04. Blakvise - Surrender 05. Grove - Essenziell 06. Big Tune - Hassliebe 07. Reebosound - Go to bed world 08. Onnoma - Marty 09. Fat Belly - The Weekend Song 10. Cosmic Tribe - All I want 11. Couchdivers - Ignorance is bliss 12. Noetics - Psychedelic Avengers

Peace Development Crew - Better Days CD Cover

Peter Pankas Jane - Live at Rockpalast: Bonn 2004 CD Cover

Spvgg Linden-Nord - 17 Uhr Tanztee CD Cover

Ranios & Rayk - Doppelpack CD Cover


Nikki Puppet - Disco inferno -  Nikki Puppet CD Cover

FERDY DOERNBERG solo - Travelling Light Travelling Light CD Cover

Natascha Bells - EP "Unique" Natascha Bells CD

Ich Kann Fliegen - Ich Kann Fliegen Ich Kann Fliegen CD

Muff - Horn Attack Muff CD

Unzucht - Todsünde 8 Unzucht CD

Couchdivers - Gone beyond the pale Couchdivers CD

Fat Belly - Set the Flag Fat Belly CD

Fibre - Sience is a the next big thing Fibre CD

B.B. and the Blues Shacks - COME ALONG B.B. and the Blues Shacks CD

Zhreee - Schloss Baum Zhreee CD

Gay City Rollers - In Love CD Cover

Kuschelweich - Best of CD Cover

Sargant Fury - Little fish CD Cover

Bad Nenndorf Boys - Aufstehen - Tanzen CD Cover

Spvgg Linden-Nord - Führerschein der Liebe CD Cover

Gottfried Böttger, Joe Pentzlin - Take Two CD Cover

Portless - The Wheel Keeps Spinning CD Cover

Klang und Leben - Damenwahl CD Cover

Matthew Graye - Dr. Oktopus Plakat

WISECRÄCKER - Modo De Odio EP CD Cover

Ranios & Rayk - Planlos am Mic Ranios & Rayk CD

FERDY DOERNBERG solo - ..till I run out of road ..till I run out of road CD Cover


Nitrogods - Nitrogods Nitrogods CD

Victory - Don't Talk Science Victory CD

Walk this Way - same Walk this Way CD

A kew's tag - double-check when you leave A kew's tag CD

Grove - Same Grove CD

Hore - Distortion Hore CD

Kneeless Moose - Soultravel Kneeless Moose CD


Q-bic - Magic Disco Cube Q-Bic CD

Rotzkotz - much funny CD Cover

Wohnraumhelden - Rock'N'Roll Puppentheater Wohnraumhelden CD

Michel und der Bergedorfer - Seefahrt tut Not CD Cover

Menschenkind - Leg dich ins Gras CD Cover

Abstürzende Brieftauben - Doofgesagte Leben Länger CD Cover

Kuersche & Members of Fury i.t.s. - New Live Album Kuersche & Members of Fury i.t.s. CD Cover

Zur MP3 Seite auf das Cover klicken Blut & Eisen - Schrei Doch Blut & Eisen CD

Zum Download auf das Cover klicken Dos Santos - Alchemie Dos Santos CD

FERDY DOERNBERG solo - A bridge to Dobroland FERDY DOERNBERG solo CD Cover

Rough Silk - The Good, the Bad & the Undead The Good, the Bad & the Undead CD Cover

Cosmic Tribe - Under the Same Sun Under the Same Sun

Lars Lehmann - Music Like Pictures CD Cover

Portless - Lights Portless CD

Wingenfelder:Wingenfelder - Off the Record Wingenfelder CD

Mother Jane - Turn The Page Mother Jane CD

THE ORDEAL - Descent from Hell THE ORDEAL CD

Heinz Rudolf Kunze & Räuberzivil - Hier rein - da raus Heinz Rudolf Kunze & Räuberzivil CD

Terry Hoax - Serious THE ORDEAL CD

Abstürzenden Brieftauben - Im Zeichen des blöden CD Cover

Michael Schenker Group - Assault Attack CD Cover

Wir sind 96 Sampler Wir sind 96 Sampler